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By: Suada Trumic

Creating custom reports in Dynamics CRM
February 24, 2017

Dynamic CRM comes with the set of predefined reports that cover different areas of CRM. Users can edit existing reports, create…

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Email statistics in Xrm.EmailMarketing CRM add-on
August 23, 2016

Email statistic data is very useful in getting feedback on interests of existing and potential clients. Campaign statistics can provide insight…

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JavaScript in Dynamics CRM: Attributes and Controls
July 14, 2016

In this blog post we’ll talk about JavaScript and Web Resources, specifically about attributes and controls on Xrm.Page. But, before we…

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules
June 22, 2016

There are three main modules in MS Dynamics CRM: Marketing, Sales, and Services. You can use additional add-ons developed by other…

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
May 18, 2016

This post will give you an insight on some of the CRM Online benefits. Subscription/pricing: With CRM online, you don’t have…

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Business rules in MS Dynamics CRM
March 3, 2016

Business rules enable you to set field visibility, value, requirement and other actions without writing JavaScript code in MS Dynamics CRM….

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Security roles in MS Dynamics CRM
February 15, 2016

Different users usually have different privileges when using MS Dynamics CRM. System administrator has all the privileges, and this user is…

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How to dynamically enable/disable ribbon buttons based on field values
January 16, 2016

Ribbon customization can be done using Ribbon Workbench. In Ribbon Workbench window, select entity that will have dynamically loaded ribbon, and…

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