As a CRM developer you are probably excited when it comes to creating processes that will empower your clients’ usage flow, especially if it is some complex logic nesting complicated check conditions. How many times have you finally created a complex workflow like this just to realize that you have to recreate it again or make another one with slight changes? It can take a lot of time and nerves to recreate the workflow using dual monitor setup and comparing conditions and nests to be sure it is exactly the same.

Luckily for you there is an easy although not straight forward way to make a copy of your workflow in just few steps.

  1. First, if activated you will need to deactivate the Process you want to recreate
  2. Open the workflow and find Hide Process Properties section. Change Activate As field to Process templateScreenshot 2016-02-22 15.20.58
  3. Save and Close the Process and activate it.
  4. Create new Process by clicking New
  5. Enter Process name, select Workflow from Category and select appropriate Entity (It has to be the same used in Process you are recreating)
  6. In Type select New process from an existing template and make sure you check original process Screenshot 2016-02-22 15.22.53
  7. Hit Ok
  8. Open original process again and change Activate As back to Process
  9. Save and Close. 

And that would be it when it comes to Process (workflow) duplication. Just make sure to revert all changes made to original process and don’t forget to activate the original process as well as newly created when you finish with editing.