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Power to the Users

  • What is eSign365™

    eSign365™ is a powerful digital signature solution that automates document flows, with an emphasis on strong architecture that accommodates a true Enterprise approach.

    eSign365 is a fully integrated electronic signature solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and Office365. Use Microsoft SharePoint to create documents, and merge with Microsoft Dynamics CRM data to send to one or many recipients for electronic signature using an intuitive but powerful interface. With eSign365 for Office365 you can sign and track your documents within a single workspace.

  • Solution Approach

    Extending Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, office365  and Windows Azure deployment with electronic signature capabilities, enables organizations to maximize their return on investment in automation while keeping business moving smoothly. Electronic signatures keep approval-based workflows electronic from start to finish.

  • Competitive Edge

    eSign365 is powered by Adobe Document Cloud Services and a leading integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365

    eSign365 for Office365 Add-In is a full e-signature implementation that gives you the power to sign and edit documents within your Office365 App, as opposed to other eSign services (no credentials needed, advanced parameters such as expiration dates, singing language, reminders, tags for data form fields, and others)

    eSign365 combines a completely reimagined Adobe ecosystem with the power of e-signatures and is intuitive for all the parties involved and unique in providing a simple but powerful workflow and support for the use of qualified digital certificates to digitally process document based business transactions

    eSign365 powered by Adobe is more intuitive, takes a tablet-first approach for the signer in terms of UX(user Experience Design). On average, there are 20 – 30% fewer clicks needed for signers with eSign365. eSign365 gives your company power over other eSign services, through product differentiation, ensuring brand loyalty, ensuring that every company branding comes through your communications, as opposed to other brands

    eSign365 makes audits easier, produces automated clear audit trails with internal documents for approval – particularly invoices for payment approval, subsequently, all the invoices approved for payment are easily found in a single location in the EchoSign archive with all the relevant documentation attached. This makes audits easier

    eSign365 powered by Adobe dramatically shortens the time to complete the signing of documents by multiple signatories, particularly in business transactions involving geographically dispersed signatories from more than one organization. Benefits from digitally executing business transactions are mainly due to reductions in transaction cycle time and improvements in quality through document process monitoring and control

    eSign365 delivers unique innovations that are key for a growing companies: advanced multi-language support, custom branding, dynamic content fields, advanced library and storage capabilities, and other

    99.999% of signed documents is a PDF. Adobe natively integrate eSign365 across its digital document portfolio to ensure that e-signatures work seamlessly with digital document workflow

    Security PCI, HIPAA compliant, 256-bit encryption, and SOC Type II datacenters, ESIGN, UETA, and PCI v3.0, ISO 27001. And a roadmap for 2014 that includes native digital signature integration as well as advanced document protection via DRM


eSign365™ for Office365 Apps, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Seamlessly integrate electronic signature with Office365, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to achieve straight through processing, eliminate the rekeying of data and automate business processes. With eSign365 you will speed up document automation and workflow, reduce costs, and comply with regulation.  Power Users like eSign365’s reliability and integration into CRM, SharePoint and Office365 products. Use eSign365™ document signing experience with Microsoft suite of products.

  • Dynamics CRM

    eSign365 is inherently built for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to have an exceptional Customer Experience Management (CxM), focusing on shortening the sales cycles.
    The productivity behind eSign365 means that is built inherently around Microsoft Dynamics CRM accelerating the expediteness of the business.

    Download eSign365™ for Dynamics CRM

  • SharePoint

    eSign365 is powered by SharePoint and is an inherently built into SharePoint to expand the capabilities offered by Microsoft.
    eSign365 provides all of the benefits of the electronic signature such as workflow integration, signer control, enhanced security, and external trust, all within a Microsoft SharePoint environment.

    Download eSign365™ for SharePoint

  • Word

    eSign365 for Word is a powerful extension for Microsoft Word, providing an easy to use rich feature in a Word document that enhances the productivity of the e-signature process.

    eSign365™ for Office365 FREE DOWNLOAD

  • Excel

    eSign365 for Excel allows for signing and returning Excel documents, as well as getting the signature from the right people, without the need to leave the Excel workspace.

    eSign365™ for Office365 FREE DOWNLOAD

  • PowerPoint

    eSign365 for PowerPoint allows for signing and returning PowerPoint signatures, as well as getting the signature from the right people, without the need to leave the PowerPoint application.

    eSign365™ for Office365 FREE DOWNLOAD

  • Outlook

    eSign365 for Outlook allows for signing and returning documents in Outlook, as well as getting the signature from the right people, without the need to leave the Outlook app.

    eSign365™ for Office365 FREE DOWNLOAD


eSign365™ is inherently built for Office365, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to have an exceptional Customer Experience Management (CxM), focusing on shortening the sales cycles




  • Healthcare

     Hospitals and Healthcare institutions processes include a variety of documents that need to be signed, each with their own unique requirements. Electronic documents are increasingly used in various phases of the workflow but when a signature is needed on a document, a hard copy original is still printed and physically routed for signatures. CompuSight eSignature Solutions provide legally enforceable electronic records, closing the gap by completely eliminating the need to print documents and replacing slow and expensive paper-based approval processes with fast, low-cost, and efficient ones while reducing the environmental footprint.

  • Finance

    Esign365 improves finance-related operations by providing easy to use, intuitive web interface with real-time visibility into all the transactions and documents reach.

    eSign365 is a powerful solution that automates document flows, with an emphasis on strong architecture that accommodates a true Enterprise approach.

  • Government

    The current economic crisis and growing pressure on government budgets is increasing the demands on government agencies to automate operations and business processes and provide faster service with significantly less resources, while eliminating wasteful spending. Government agencies also deal with extraordinarily transparency and auditing requirements in order to demonstrate responsible decision making and policy compliance. CompuSight eSignature Solutions can help implement paperless signing processes thus making the goal of a straight-through processing a reality.

  • Logistics

    Throughout empowering the Logistic industry, eSign365 provides a fast and easy, cost-effective solution for supply chain professionals to sign, track and store agreements and contracts in real-time.

    The aim of eSign365 is to automate Logistics to deliver and process faster, making the overall transport processes more transparent.

  • Cross-Industries

    Cross-industry includes:

    • Real Estate
    • Automotive
    • Education
    • Information Technology
    • Insurance
    • Entertainment Media