Dynamics CRM Social is a powerful CRM service that puts cutting edge tools in the hands of your sales, service, and marketing teams:

Social listening
Truly hear your Customers
Microsoft Social Engagement helps harness the power of the web by analyzing what people are saying on social media and in the news. Microsoft Social Engagement supports 20 languages and covers a broad range of sources- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, videos, blogs, forums, news syndication, and any source that supports RSS. Spot trends, identify key influencers, and receive alerts on how people feel about your business so you can make informed decisions and drive sales and service conversations more effectively.

Intelligent social
Understand market insights
Gain more insights to help you make decisions with rich analytics including customer sentiment, post location, and word cloud visualizations. Leverage the power of Adaptive Sentiment through Azure Machine Learning to build custom sentiment models to fit your industry and company’s preferences. Additionally, intention analysis provides the ability to automatically analyze user’s social posts and identify potential cases, leads, or customer scenarios that you can define.

Social engagement
Connect with your customers
Grow your social media presence by engaging with social communities using rich multimedia. Enable teams to collaboratively respond and drive social activities by leveraging Office Groups to assign posts, share feeds, and share profiles. View profile details for immediate insights on who to engage with.

Social CRM
Drive CRM with social
Put powerful social tools in the hands of sales, service, and marketing teams. Share social insights across more teams through dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. Transform social interactions into exceptional end-to-end customer experiences with the ability to automatically create leads or cases from social posts, right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.