Advisory Board

Diversity and difference are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

  • Founders

    CompuSight Corporation provides targeted cutting-edge technology consulting services to organizations around the globe. Since 2002 we have been developing superior solutions using advanced technologies to offer our customers true innovation.

    With operations in North America and Europe, CompuSight’s dynamic and highly skilled professionals specialize in custom software development, information management systems, and infrastructure maintenance. Our team is passionate about the technology industry, and our software packages reflect quality and originality.

    CompuSight’s combination of world-class experience, customer-focused processes, and efficient practices allows us to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients “on time and on budget.” Without exception, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and employees.

  • Values

    We ensure that our forward-thinking clients thrive through their investment in technology and achieve a competitive advantage, giving us the opportunity to have a positive impact on our team, company and community. Our values are best expressed by constant innovation stemming from an environment of respect, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to quality.

    CompuSight believes a company’s culture is the cornerstone of any business. Our culture differentiates us in the market place attracting clients and valuable team members. We define our culture by three core values: respect, quality of work, and entrepreneurial spirit. We seek these values in recruiting new team members and continuously build on these values together as a team.

    CompuSight’s atmosphere is respectful, challenging, and rewarding. We provide our team with the necessary training, tools, and support to consistently improve their individual skills and exceed our clients’ expectations. We encourage open communication and team- oriented decision making and value calculated risks. We believe positive learning experiences lead to inventive endeavors. We continuously improve our learning environment by sharing knowledge among team members and providing constructive feedback. CompuSight’s constant innovation leads to high quality outcomes.

  • Approach

    CompuSight is committed to the success of your enterprise. We’re passionate about ensuring that you meet your business objectives, and we have the necessary education and innovation needed to leverage technology as the solution that helps you reach those goals.

    Reliable Service

    Client focus is our number one priority. We’re passionate about the commitments we make to our clients, and we always follow through on our promises. Regardless of unexpected bumps in the road or unforeseen complications, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure that you get the service you expect and deserve.

    Friendly and Professional

    Sometimes it feels like there’s a language barrier between techs and business owners. That’s why we take the extra time to ensure that we’re offering the guidance you need at every step of our business relationship. With CompuSight, you always can count on a quick, professional response to any concerns, whether we’re working directly with you or collaborating with your IT staff and strategic partners.

    A Partnership for Success

    CompuSight believes success is a group effort, and we model our business relationships accordingly. We look at our own business as a team, and we consider our clients an extension of that team. If even one consultant runs into a challenge, we pool all of our collective skills and knowledge to overcome that challenge together. This philosophy makes us stronger as an organization, and has given us our reputation for excellence.

  • Culture

    CompuSight is committed to helping you succeed. Our mission is to enable you to achieve your business objectives through the innovative use of technologies. From our knowledgeable consultants to our expert business development staff, our client-focused employees embrace our professional engagement promise:

    We Always Deliver

    We are passionate about delivering on our commitments and doing what is right for our clients. Our most fundamental core value is that we do what we say we are going to do – always. Even when circumstances change or an unexpected situation arises, we will do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

    Easy to Work With

    We are committed to being the easiest, most flexible and most convenient technology partner you have ever worked with. Our professional and friendly employees go out of their way to respond quickly and accommodate your needs. We collaborate with your internal staff and other strategic partners and believe that long-term success is achieved through mutual education and information-sharing.

    One for All – All for One

    We do everything as a team. Even when you engage a single consultant, you benefit from the collective experience, expertise and creativity of our entire organization. When any one of our employees encounters a challenge, they have all our internal and external resources at their disposal to overcome it quickly. We have staked our reputation on hiring and retaining the most talented individuals in our industry, as well as partnering with the right firms to provide the most value to you.

  • Success

    We know communication is one of the most important facets of a good relationship. When you select CompuSight as your development partner, we transform a complex development process into easy to understand and easy to follow stages and milestones. Meaningful communication and visibility to progress are defined throughout the process.

    First, we listen to what our clients need. Then we assign small, dedicated teams to each client. We feel tighter teams deliver the best possible service to our clients and improve collaboration and accountability. We want you to know your dedicated technical staff as well as your administrative team so we can build an even better relationship for the future.

    As you move through the phases of development, from kickoff, to alpha release, to beta release, all the way through to the completion and into production, you will feel the confidence that comes with the ability to track and measure our progress against your timelines and business goals. A long term partner always considers the future and attempts to anticipate your needs. Consistently benchmarking against these future needs keeps us from reinventing the wheel and wasting your time and money in the future.

    The moment you engage CompuSight you are treated as a long term client, not just for the initial engagement or project, but for life. To us, this means that the conclusion of the initial development project does not mark the end of our relationship. We will be there to support you long after the development is completed. We have a variety of support and post warranty options available, and we will work with you to ensure that you are adequately prepared.

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