Customer Engagement: How to give your customers the best experience? 

Poor review review of customer experience with you? According to research there is a 72% discrepancy difference between how companies judge themselves on delivering a superior value proposition to their customers and how their customers actually judge them.

So what can you do about it and how do you ensure this gap is reduced? By having awareness of this delivery gap and harnessing the tools available to you, you can develop insights that will enable amazing customer experiences and competitive advantage – and help your customers give nothing but amazing reviews about you and your business.

In this webinar you’ll hear expert advice from Colin Shaw, CEO at Beyond Philosophy and Gary Smith, Managing Director at Bounce Foods on how to put this into practice. You’ll learn:

  • What an ‘amazing’ customer experience looks like and how to achieve it
  • How to predict customer behaviour and understand what your customers want
  • How technology can close the gap in your customer experience

In order to deliver superior customer experience, through customer engagement, with your Dynamics CRMOL, check out the Webinar by Microsoft and MyCustomer. Click the link below and join immediately:

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