Email statistic data is very useful in getting feedback on interests of existing and potential clients. Campaign statistics can provide insight on how interesting campaign was to email recipients, were there users that opened email campaign multiple times, what was the open and click rate, etc.
Xrm.EmailMarketing CRM add-on for MailChimp collects statistics for Total opens, Open rate, Total clicks and Click rate and displays it inside of CRM form (right top of the Xrm.EmailMarketing Campaign form).


When campaign is sent, and when Xrm.EmailMarketing Campaign is refreshed/reopened, this data is shown in numbers (initially as 0 and 0.00%).

Total Opens – shows total number of opens, counting multiple opens of same users. If one user opens same email 5 times, it will be counted as 5 opens.

Open Rate – shows percentage of opened emails not including multiple opens of the same user. If one user opens same email 5 times, it will be counted as 1 open.

Total Clicks – same as Total opens, it counts every individual click, including multiple click by same user.

Click rate – Percentage of users who clicked at least one link form specific email.

Counting email opens depends on email images loading, so it doesn’t always reflect 100% accurate data. Some users might not load images at all, and their opens will not be counted in that case. Emails block images, so they are not loaded automatically. Statistics is updated every time when user opens/refreshes form, so if there are some changes on MailChimp, those changes will also be updated here.

As a result, it looks like this:


Statistics will be counted as long as campaign is marked as active in CRM (Xrm.EmailMarketing Campaign list).