xRM Services

Dynamics© xRM Consultancy Services

Our service charts your successful customer journey. With our services for Dynamics© 365 you can anticipate client needs to maximize on customer experience. Our symbiotic relationships give a predictive power to you and your next customer.

Implementation & Data Migration

Implementation techniques rely on functional design best practices. Tackling the most complex Enterprise requirements Implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system follows a phased approach that PowerxRM have as a proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner.

We help ensure that your system meets your Users’ requirements and have been properly planned to provide your business with the best User experience. Attempting to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 on your own, is only part of the challenge. Having a well-documented infrastructure and requirements will help keep the User adoption on pace when it comes to implementing new changes.

Custom Application Design & Development

Custom Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Product Development, Application Maintenace and Upgrades.

We have built our engineering center around Microsoft Dynamics© xRM foundation to maintain your business-critical applications and upgrades. Addressing code quality and business process optimization, gives us the power to further modernize Microsoft Dynamics© CRM.

Upgrades, Transitions & Business Solutions

Upgrades to newer version of Microsoft Dynamics© 365, Transitions to Dynamics 365 from Salesforce, Choosing the right Cloud solution for 265 deployments and developing roadmap for Cloud deployments. In addition to an on-premise deployment, PowerXRM cloud options include: Private cloud for Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure for Microsoft Dynamics, Public cloud solutions – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, Hybrid cloud for Microsoft Dynamics.

Solutions: xRM Add-On Solutions and eSign365 Business Solution, xRM Business Intelligence (Microsoft Power BI), xRM Solution Accelerators.