Why Us

Why PowerXRM?

PowerXRM mission is to provide unparalleled holistic consultancy approach, coupled with business performance re-engineering. Smart business people need quality consultancy support and services with trusted partners and allies.


For as long as 20 + years, PowerXRM is such a vendor that serves clients as a trusted and reliable ally, providing them with loyalty of a business partner and expertise of technological progress to improve their business processes.

Clients Premise

We run our clients businesses on a premise that helping them through our mission critical applications and services, they give us confidence that we will be their trusted partner whenever they need us.

Core Values and Principles

We are businesspeople, advisors, consultants, guru’s and geeks, helping companies and their business executives overcome technical difficulties in a businesslike and uttelry simple technological manner, but never complicated

Helping Business Executives win their Goals

Business performance-driven, technologically-trusted

The Power of Dynamics® XRM Consultancy in our hands

Entrusted by the CRM Community

Diversity & XRM Superstar Skills

Our XRM/CRM Superstars are re-engineering Business processes, extending the XRM platform capabilities. The power behind our people lies in the diversified skill-set:

MVP  (Microsoft most valuable professionals), XRM Consultants, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, Mobile Application Specialist, Customer Support, PreSales, Business Development, Sales&Marketing…

  • CRM helps businesses all over the world, and being a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant makes me part of it. I like challenges, whereas I can impact a difference. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a primary key of success for many businesses around the globe and I can help you make your own success.

    Emir Taletovic
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
  • Being a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant allows me to care for the client, solving primarily their problems and issues, and afterwards sharing AddOns and features they like and how I can bring a better experience to the end-user.

    Edin Milic
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
  • As a Dynamics CRM professional I know what it feels like to be burdened with a business process that saps company productivity. Re-engineering business processes can grow Microsoft Dynamics CRM dramatically.

    Ensar Ajkunic
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant