The Perfect Add-On for your Marketing boost


xRM.EmailMarketing is a powerful Email marketing and marketing automation solution built natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM that integrates with third-party EmailMarketing services.

Integrated Multichannel Marketing

Dynamics CRM Marketing – Seamlessly integrate point-and-click tools that synchronize CRM data and third-party EmailMarketing activity to improve the relevance of marketing programs and provide CRM users with a clear view into marketing activities. Send and edit your EmailMarketing Campaigns directly from Dynamics CRM using MailChimp and other Email marketing services.

Marketing Automation

Third-party EmailMarketing Services – Create powerful campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using multitude of EmailMarketing services. Empower your Marketing efforts, automate and nurture your Campaigns.

Personalized Emails

xRM.EMailMarketing – helps in sending your personalized Campaigns, Newsletters, notifications and special offers to your Clients. Use either your CRM Marketing List or your EmailMarketing service provider Lists and synchronize your Campaign from within your Dynamics CRM. Create powerful Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrate with MailChimp and other EmailMarketing services.

xRM.WebForms Integration

xRM.WebForms – Relevant, personalized Campaign specific custom Web forms can go a long way towards improving campaign results and boosting the ROI of your marketing department&program. Download and Integrate xRM.WebForm into your Campaign to maximize results.  


A perfect Add-On for the next generation CRM

Automate Your Multichannel Marketing Campaigns. Simplify the configuration of Dynamics CRM high-impact marketing campaigns using xRM.EmailMarketing Add-On. Reach out to customers and prospects, with the right messages, at the right time.

xRM.EmailMarketing Features

Now you can seamlessly run effective marketing campaigns to build, test and launch:

  • Third-party EmailMarketing Campaigns integration, creation and delivery in Dynamics CRM
  • Embedd multitude of Email marketing Services in Dynamics CRM: MailChimp, ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor
  • Integrate Marketing Campaign automation (communication and delivery) within Dynamics CRM
  • Campaign Easy Creation and Management — Quickly import HTML templates or use the intuitive CRM Web-based editor to create even more personalized Campaigns from scratch
  • Easily create personalized xRM.WebForms to drive interactions and boost your Campaign results

v2 Features

Built for CRM Power Users like you

Display your Campaign statistics in Dynamics CRM after your Campaign has been sent in the v2 of  xRM.EmailMarketing Add-On.

Incredible ROI

Calculate the revenue from Campaigns you launched, and maximize your ROI in v2 of xRM.EmailMarketing Add-On.

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